November 18, 2019

 Advantages of Employee Engagement

Employee benefits in Regina are a great way to help improve your employees engagement towards your company. Core Benefits understands that and offers various services to help you create that engagement. Not only does the engagement gets higher, but there are also other benefits like:

Something as simple as employee perks in Regina can then solve 5 different problems before they even show up.

1. Employee Benefits For Better Engagement

In most cases, improving employee engagement is more of a beautiful consequence than an investment in the future. As your company implements employee benefits, your team becomes more engaged, often immediately. It is time to see employee benefits for what they are, a smart investment!

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2.Tailored Employee Benefits

At Core Benefits, we strongly suggest that you create an employee plan that is tailored to your employee’s needs. Focus on the tools needed to obtain maximum engagement from them. Our team of experts at Core Benefits will help you choose the right plan for your budget and for the best engagement rates. 

It is of the utmost importance, if you want to make any changes in your employee benefits, that communication stays the main focus. You should create circumstances where the employees are able to give you feedback and are encouraged to interact with you concerning those decisions.  


3.Employee Benefits With Individual Choices 

Growing your traditional employee benefits plans in order to be able to include more tailored individual decision-making capabilities will result in a higher engagement from your employees. Allowing your employees to create their own “package” of benefits will help build confidence and trust towards the company because they will feel trusted and respected. 

Giving the choice to the employees does not mean increasing the workload of the employer. It is possible to create alternative plans without giving the employer headaches!  


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About Core Benefits

Core Benefits is a Regina based company that is always there to help you with you employee benefits plans. We can create a more flexible package to increase the moral of your employees and reduce your turn-over rates. We are a company that is passionate about protecting you and your employees in Regina. Not only can we help analyze what is important to you and your employees, we also provide services such as Group RRSP. Our group benefits packages include: basic life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability coverage, health and dental and much more. By understanding your company and your team, we can build a customized plan that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations.  

If you have any questions about improving employee engagement with the help of your employee benefits plan, please send us an email or call Core Benefit office in Regina, Saskatchewan. It will be our pleasure to assist you with all questions you might have.