Features of Our Group Retirement Savings Plan

The distinguishing factor of our collective retirement funds is its distinctive features, specifically engineered to meet your employees’ diverse financial objectives. The prominent highlight of the Core Benefits plan is the automatic payroll deductions, which streamline the process of saving for retirement by making it a hassle-free, automated process.

Benefits of Our Group Retirement Savings Plan

Plan Options

We provide a range of plan options to accommodate diverse employee needs and preferences. Whether employees are conservative investors seeking steady growth or aggressive investors pursuing higher returns, our plan offers flexibility to align with different risk tolerances and retirement goals.

Employer Contributions

Employers have the option to contribute to employees’ accounts, serving as a valuable incentive for employee participation. These contributions can be made as a percentage of employee contributions or as a fixed dollar amount, providing employees with additional retirement savings benefits beyond their contributions.

Matching Programs

To further encourage employee participation and engagement in retirement planning, our plan offers matching programs where employers match a portion of employees’ contributions. This matching contribution effectively doubles employees’ retirement savings and demonstrates the employer’s commitment to employees’ financial well-being.

Vesting Schedules

Our plan includes vesting schedules that outline the timeframe over which employees become entitled to employer contributions. This ensures that employees who remain with the company long-term fully benefit from employer contributions to their retirement savings. Vesting schedules can vary based on employer policies and employee tenure.

Investment Options

With a diverse range of investment options, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), we empower employees to create a well-balanced investment portfolio aligned with their risk tolerance and financial objectives. Employees have the flexibility to customize their investment strategy to suit their individual preferences and goals.

Automatic Enrollment

Automatic enrollment simplifies the process for employees, ensuring that they are automatically enrolled in the Core Benefits upon meeting eligibility criteria. This eliminates barriers to participation and encourages employees to start saving for retirement from day one of their employment. Automatic enrollment can significantly increase plan participation rates and retirement savings outcomes.

Employee Education and Support Programs

We recognize that navigating retirement planning can be complex and overwhelming for many employees. That’s why we offer comprehensive education and support programs to help employees make informed decisions about their retirement savings. From educational workshops and seminars to personalized financial advice and retirement planning tools, we provide the resources and guidance employees need to effectively plan for their future.

Benefits of Our Group Retirement Savings Plan

So, what is a group retirement savings plan in Regina? Essentially, it is a way for employers to help their employees save for the future. But Core Benefits’ group registered retirement savings plan in Regina does more than just facilitate saving; it offers a multitude of benefits to both employers and employees.

what is a group retirement savings plan in Regina

Tax Efficiency

Contributions to our programs are made with pre-tax dollars, reducing employees’ taxable income and providing immediate tax savings. This tax deferral allows employees’ retirement savings to grow tax-free until withdrawal, maximizing the potential growth of their investments over time.


Employer Contributions

Employer contributions to employees’ accounts serve as a valuable additional benefit, effectively increasing employees’ retirement savings without any additional cost to them. Employer contributions demonstrate the employer’s commitment to employees’ financial well-being and can significantly boost employees’ retirement savings outcomes.


Investment Flexibility

We offer a wide range of investment options, allowing employees to diversify their retirement savings and customize their investment strategy according to their individual risk tolerance and financial goals. This flexibility empowers employees to make informed investment decisions and optimize their retirement savings potential.


Retirement Readiness

By participating with us, employees take proactive steps towards building a secure financial future and achieving their retirement goals. With employer contributions, matching programs, and investment growth potential, employees can feel confident in their ability to retire comfortably and on their own terms.


Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

We demonstrate the employer’s commitment to employees’ financial well-being and can contribute to higher levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Employees value benefits that support their long-term financial security, and we can serve as a valuable retention tool for employers seeking to attract and retain top talent.

Advantages for Employers

Employers play a crucial role in facilitating retirement savings for their employees through group retirement savings plans like ours. Here are the key advantages for employers

Talent Attraction and Retention

Offering a comprehensive group retirement savings plan in Regina can be a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top talent. In today’s competitive job market, prospective employees often consider the quality of benefits packages when evaluating job offers. By providing a robust retirement savings plan, employers can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract high-caliber candidates. Moreover, a strong retirement benefits package can enhance employee loyalty and reduce turnover, as employees are more likely to remain with employers that prioritize their long-term financial security.

Tips for Encouraging Participation in Retirement Planning

Tax Benefits for Employers

Employers can also benefit from tax advantages by offering a group retirement savings plan. Contributions made by employers to employees’ retirement accounts are typically tax-deductible as a business expense. This means that employers can reduce their taxable income and lower their overall tax liability by contributing to employees’ retirement savings. Additionally, any matching contributions provided by employers are considered a tax-efficient way to compensate employees, as they are not subject to payroll taxes.

Administrative Support

Managing a retirement savings plan can be complex and time-consuming for employers, especially smaller businesses with limited resources. However, our group retirement savings plan in Regina offers administrative support to streamline plan management and alleviate administrative burdens for employers. We handle tasks such as plan enrollment, contribution processing, investment management, and compliance monitoring, allowing employers to focus on running their businesses effectively.

Compliance Assistance

Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for employers offering retirement benefits to their employees. Our team provides comprehensive compliance assistance to ensure that our group retirement savings plan adheres to all relevant laws and regulations. We stay abreast of changes in legislation and provide ongoing support to help employers navigate complex regulatory environments, reducing the risk of penalties or legal issues associated with non-compliance.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

A group retirement savings plan can serve as a valuable tool for driving employee engagement and fostering a culture of financial wellness within the organization. We offer a range of employee engagement initiatives designed to educate and empower employees to make informed decisions about their retirement savings. From personalized retirement planning workshops to online resources and interactive tools, we provide the support employees need to take control of their financial futures. By promoting financial literacy and encouraging active participation in retirement planning, employers can enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being.

Advantages for Employees

Employees participating in a group retirement savings plan in Regina can enjoy numerous benefits that contribute to their long-term financial security and retirement readiness. Here are the key advantages for employees

Tax-Deferred Savings

One of the primary advantages of participating in a group retirement investment plan is the opportunity for tax-deferred savings. Contributions made to the plan are deducted from employees’ taxable income, reducing their current tax liability. This allows employees to maximize their savings potential by investing pre-tax dollars, which can lead to significant tax savings over time. Additionally, earnings on investments within the retirement savings plan grow tax-deferred until withdrawn during retirement, further enhancing the growth potential of employees’ retirement nest eggs.

Matching Programs for group Retirement Savings


Employer Contributions Matching

Many group retirement savings plans in Regina offer employer contributions matching, providing employees with additional incentives to save for retirement. Employer matching contributions effectively represent free money added to employees’ retirement accounts based on their own contributions. This matching feature not only boosts employees’ retirement savings but also encourages them to maximize their contributions to take full advantage of the employer match. By leveraging employer matching contributions, employees can accelerate their retirement savings growth and build a more substantial nest egg for their future.


Investment Diversification

Participating in a group-registered retirement savings plan in Regina provides employees with access to a diversified range of investment options. These options typically include various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), allowing employees to build a well-balanced investment portfolio tailored to their risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals. Diversification helps mitigate investment risk by spreading assets across different investments, reducing the impact of market fluctuations, and enhancing the overall stability of employees’ retirement savings.


Financial Education and Resources

Employers offering group retirement savings plans often provide employees with access to financial education and resources to support their retirement planning efforts. These resources may include retirement planning workshops, seminars, online tools, and personalized financial advice from qualified professionals. By equipping employees with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their retirement savings, employers empower them to take control of their financial futures and make strategic choices that align with their retirement goals.


Retirement Readiness Assessments

Many group retirement savings plans in Regina offer retirement readiness assessments or retirement planning tools to help employees evaluate their preparedness for retirement. These assessments analyze various factors such as retirement savings contributions, investment performance, projected retirement expenses, and anticipated retirement income sources to gauge employees’ readiness to retire comfortably. By conducting retirement readiness assessments, employees can identify areas for improvement, set realistic retirement goals, and make informed decisions to enhance their long-term financial security.

Investment Flexibility for group retirement plan

Tips for Encouraging Participation in Retirement Planning

Understanding what a group retirement savings plan is in Regina is just the first step in securing your employees’ future. Actively encouraging participation in retirement planning is crucial for the overall success of the plan. Here are some effective tips to foster engagement

Education and Communication

One of the most effective ways to encourage participation in a group-registered retirement savings plan in Regina is to provide employees with comprehensive education and communication about the benefits of retirement planning. Consider hosting retirement planning workshops, seminars, or webinars to educate employees about the importance of saving for retirement and the features of the retirement savings plan available to them.

Personalized Financial Guidance

Offer personalized financial guidance to help employees understand their retirement savings options and make informed decisions. Provide access to financial advisors or retirement planning resources that can assist employees in creating personalized retirement savings strategies tailored to their individual financial goals and circumstances.

Employer Contributions and Matching Programs

Highlight the employer contributions and matching programs available through the group-registered retirement savings plan. Emphasize the value of employer contributions as an additional benefit provided to employees and encourage employees to take advantage of the opportunity to maximize their retirement savings potential.

Automatic Enrollment

Consider implementing automatic enrollment for the group registered retirement savings plan to streamline the enrollment process and increase participation rates. Automatic enrollment removes barriers to participation by automatically enrolling eligible employees in the retirement savings plan unless they choose to opt-out. This approach can significantly increase plan participation and help employees start saving for retirement sooner.

Regular Communication and Reminders

Stay engaged with employees by providing regular communication and reminders about the retirement savings plan. Use various communication channels such as email, intranet announcements, and employee newsletters to keep employees informed about plan updates, investment options, and upcoming enrollment periods. Remind employees of the benefits of participating in the retirement savings plan and encourage them to take action to secure their financial future.

Incentives and Recognition

Consider offering incentives or recognition programs to motivate employees to participate in retirement planning. Recognize employees who actively contribute to their retirement savings accounts or achieve specific savings milestones. Incentives such as employer matching contributions or bonus contributions can also incentivize employees to prioritize retirement savings and maximize their contributions to the plan.

Investment Flexibility for group retirement plan in Regina

How to Get Started?

Embarking on your journey toward a secure retirement with a group retirement savings plan in Regina is a straightforward process. Here’s how to get started

Contact Information

Begin by reaching out to the designated contact person or department at your employer who oversees the administration of the group retirement savings plan. They can provide you with essential information, answer your questions, and guide you through the enrollment process.

Consultation and Setup Process

Schedule a consultation with the designated plan administrator to discuss your retirement savings goals, investment options, and enrollment procedures. The plan administrator will assist you in setting up your retirement savings account, selecting investment options, and completing any necessary paperwork.

Employer and Employee Responsibilities

Understand the respective responsibilities of both employers and employees regarding the group retirement savings plan. Employers are typically responsible for administering the plan, making employer contributions, and providing necessary information and support to employees. Employees are responsible for contributing to their retirement savings accounts and actively managing their investments.

Enrollment Forms and Documentation

Complete the required enrollment forms and provide any necessary documentation to initiate your participation in the group retirement savings plan. This may include personal information, beneficiary designations, investment elections, and any other pertinent details needed to establish your retirement savings account.

Ongoing Support and Assistance

Take advantage of the ongoing support and assistance provided by your employer and plan administrator throughout your participation in the group retirement savings plan. They can offer guidance on investment decisions, retirement planning strategies, and any updates or changes to the plan. Stay informed and engaged in managing your retirement savings to maximize your long-term financial security.

Working with Core Benefits has added a lot of value to our group benefit program. They listen and assist us with solutions for any issue we present. The advisors represent our needs and our employees. Their expertise in the industry is something we really appreciate. We highly recommend their service.

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