March 6, 2020

What Are Employee Benefits Technically?

The term “employee benefits” is fairly vague in its wording. Everyone receives some type of benefits from their job no matter how bad it is. Accepting tips from customers, receiving covered lunches during work, or even things as simple as your boss buying you a coffee in the morning. Employee benefits are technically any type of perks that you receive in addition to your pay. There are many different types of benefits such as medical, disability, life insurance, retirement benefits, paid time off, to name a few. Most full-time jobs will have some kind of extra benefits for their full-time employees such as additional paid days off and healthcare plans. 

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Employee Benefits Effects on You

It may seem obvious that having benefits at work will improve morale, but how else does it benefit employee’s mental states? General welfare is what most people seek in their jobs, so if employees feel like their company cares about their well-being they are more likely to do better at work. People crave stability in their life, so having less to worry about with their health and personal lives creates less stress and with less stress, they are able to focus better on their jobs. It’s also well-known that rewarding people for their work, in general, makes employees feel appreciated and secure. Most people even value employee benefits above the amount they are paid to a certain extent. 

Depression and Anxiety in the Workplace

The importance of awareness for depression and anxiety is becoming more common in workplace practices. Depression and anxiety are currently some of the most common mental health illnesses most people struggle with daily. As mental health becomes more well-known as a workplace issue, there is a lot of work to be done to assist employees with their mental health state. Companies are working more and more to get more in touch with their employee’s needs. At Core Benefits we believe in the importance of mental health being just as important as physical health in the workplace.  


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