Great employees are the core of every great organization. It’s the people and the relationships that make the difference. That is the foundation of Core Benefits – a company that is passionate about protecting your people. Bringing value to that relationship is key to our success. We offer a variety of products and services to help support your organization’s human capital with protection of your employee’s finances, health and wellbeing.

    Basic Life Insurance: provides financial assistance in the event of a plan member’s death. This benefit is typically sold as a multiple of salary or a flat amount.

    Dependent Life Insurance: provides a Life insurance benefit for a plan member’s spouse and dependent children.

    Accidental Death & Dismemberment: provides financial assistance if tragedy strikes and a plan member dies as the result of an accident. It also provides coverage if an accident results in the loss of a limb, sight, or hearing. Some additional benefits include rehabilitation, spousal occupation re-training and a daycare benefit.

    Critical Illness insurance provides financial support when you need it most. This form of insurance pays a lump sum upon diagnosis and survival of a covered critical illness or condition. A true living benefit.
    Disability insurance is a product that protects your ability to remain financially stable should a debilitating injury or accident threaten your ability to work. Short-term, Long-term and Top-Up policies are available depending on your need.
    Supporting health and well-being by managing medical and dental expenses, while offering protection for unforeseen costs such as out of country emergency medical, accidental dental and ambulance charges.
    HCSAs are an affordable way to help plan members obtain services they require without the hardships of extensive out-of- pocket expenses. As a tax deductible option for businesses and a tax-free benefit to employees, HCSAs provide flexibility and offer great tax savings.
    Similar in nature to the Healthcare Spending Accounts, Wellness (or Lifestyle) Accounts allow for a broad range of coverage options – from gym memberships to golf clubs, the list is extensive. Also, a tax – deductible plan for businesses, however the benefits to plan members are a taxable benefit.
    An employee assistance program is a counseling service to help improve the personal and professional life of employees and their eligible dependents who may be experiencing personal or work-related problems.
    Everyone loves choice! Flexible Benefits can mean a variety of different things within a benefit plan – from a full-blown credit driven system, to simply a variety of optional products and everything in between. We’d love to talk to you about your plan and your needs and customize a solution that fits your organization.
    We are here to help your members get the future they want. Group retirement savings plans are a great way to help employees take the first step towards thinking about retirement. Financial health is a key component to an overall healthy lifestyle and our education sessions help employees take the guess work out of their financial futures.
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