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Our experience and client centered focus continuously drives innovation, equipping you with the services, tools and solutions you require regardless of your industry or company size. We take the time to get to know your organization and put our experience to work for you. Our value comes in our understanding and first hand knowledge of industry, insurance providers, plan design and products to keep your employees protected.


As a specialist in the Indigenous benefit market, we provide the coverage requirements that are specific to the needs of our clients. Whether you are an Indigenously owned business, or have Indigenous employees and dependents on your plan, we have your ideal benefit solution. When it comes to employee benefits, it is important that all of our clients are provided with the correct amount of coverage to coordinate their benefits with Indian & Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB). For a non-taxable employee, plan design must also be taken into account to ensure that the employee’s disability income, in the event that they become disabled, is paid appropriately.

Our long-standing relationship with the largest and most well-known insurance providers for Indigenous insurance enables us to offer innovative solutions at competitive pricing and advanced technology and administration services to support this essential coverage.


Agriculture is the backbone of the Canadian economy and protecting our farming clients is something we take great pride in. Offering unique plan designs and solutions to the farming industry has allowed us to be a leader in this sector. Working closely with farming associations and specialty carriers, we have extensive experience and product offerings to cover all farms, from family operations to large-scale operations.

Transportation & Logistics

Our experience and understanding of the risks associated with the transportation industry allows us to support our clients and their insurance needs. Whether you are a short-haul driver, owner-operator or an international operation – we have the solutions to keep you and your employees protected.

Owners, Sole-Proprietors & Top-Up Policies
Entrepreneurship is close to our Hart at Core Benefits and we make it our mission to keep our business owners well protected. As experts in this field, we will help you build a plan to gain tax efficiencies and keep you covered. Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income – we can help you

  • Top-Up Insurance – Employee benefit plans offer quality coverage at an affordable price, but higher income earners may require additional disability and life insurance benefits. Plan definitions and how you pay yourself and your staff can affect your benefit amount. It is important to protect your lifestyle – and we can show you how.
  • Private Health Services Plans – CRA approved plans allow health, medical and dental expenses of owners and employees to become a deductible business expense for the employer. This plan provides affordable coverage for both the self-employed and small-medium business owner with a tax savings approach!
  • Business Overhead Insurance – Coverage to reimburse your business for fixed operating expenses in the event of the owner’s disability brings peace of mind that your company would survive an illness or injury.

Public Sector, Social Services & Unionized Groups
Public sector and unionized groups provide a unique set of challenges in the scope of an employee benefit plan. It is common for restrictions on plan designs, budget and overall flexibly to drive the decision making process. Our extensive knowledge of bargaining agreements, funding models and access to specialized insurance providers allows us to view your plan holistically. Bringing our wealth of experience in this sector to your organization to offer solutions and deliver quality programs that address and support your organization.

Our services include:

  • Audits, reviews and advice on insurance programs, claims history and analysis and funding arrangement options
  • Information and education services
  • Innovative and customized insurance solutions
  • Benefit program design, tendering and marketing reviews
  • Directors & Officers Coverage

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