September 15, 2020

Who Qualifies as a Student?

While it is important to review your policy wording, the general rule on Student Eligibility is an unmarried child enrolled as a full-time student in an institution (recognized under the Canadian Income Tax Act) who is financially dependent upon their parent(s) for support.

Every insurance company handles student eligibility slightly differently.  Depending on your provider, you may be able to access a report that will show you a listing of all the Students you have on your plan.  You may also wish to review the listing of Dependent Children, to see who will be turning the Child Max Age during this school year.

If your insurance company requires a completed Student Eligibility Form, now is a good time to have that completed.  You can also add back on any dependents under the Student Max Age who took time away from school, but are now returning to full-time post-secondary education.

Student Coverage Plans

Student health and dental coverage is often available through universities and automatically charge to student’s premiums as part of their fees.  These plans typically offer a small window to cancel that coverage. If you have members paying family premium through your group plan, with their students covered, they may wish to opt out of the university plan depending on cost and insurance needs.

Students Studying Abroad

Coverage for students studying outside of Canada should be carefully considered. If you have a student planning to travel abroad to study, please contact your Core Benefits Advisor for detailed information.