June 30, 2022

Employee & Family Assistance Programs (EFAP)

An Employee and Family Assistance program is a group benefit that aims to assist employees with personal or work-related difficulties that might affect their job performance. EAP programs are designed to provide confidential mental health and wellness counselling to your staff and eligible family members. For your convenience, support may be found on a variety of platforms, including in-person, over the phone, and of course virtually.

EFAP can help you with problems at home and at work

How Can You Find These Services?

The services provided by EFAP are short-term and goal oriented, with the goal of addressing any life’s problems. As a result, there is no need for a long-term counselling relationship when using EFAP.

Local counselling services are all provided. There are several services accessible to you that address a wide range of personal and job-related problems, such as, but not limited to:


adolescent issues;

aging and care giving;

anger management;


child development;

communication problems;

domestic violence;


family issues;

grief and bereavement;

marital issues;


personal adjustment problems;

relationship difficulties;



separation / divorce / custody;

special needs of children; and


Is EFAP Confidential?

No matter how you connect, the services are completely confidential. Unless YOU give written consent or permission to share information, your employer, manager, or spouse will not be aware that you utilized the services. Otherwise, no one will be informed that you have contacted them out. So there should be absolutely no confidentiality issues at at all. 

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Should You Choose to Implement an EFAP?

If you value healthy employees at work and at home, and are aware of the additional costs associated with staff turnover, an EFAP may be a good option for you to increase employee mental health and well-being.

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